Environmental Issues - Repair, Re-use, Recycle

Environmental Issues - Repair, Re-use, RecycleThere is a growing awareness of the need to preserve natural resources and, not surprisingly therefore, manufacturers are increasingly building vehicles with materials that are recyclable. However it nevertheless remains true that the most effective way to recycle is to repair vehicles where possible and reuse recycled parts within the repair whenever practicable.

Using ABI guidelines a vehicle categorised as C or D can be safely returned to the road once repaired and if this can be achieved using recycled parts so much the better. In order to source quality recycled parts NSG members break all Category B vehicles in house and, during this process which is undertaken by one of our member’s technicians, all reusable parts are removed ready for reuse in repairs or resale to individuals and businesses involved with repairing vehicles.

The transportation, storing, de-pollution and dismantling of End of Life Vehicles is governed by strict legislation and an area that NSG along with its members police diligently. All NSG members must be in possession of all prerequisite Waste Disposal and Carriers licences, observe all appropriate elements of the Environment Act and End of Life Vehicle Legislation and ensure that, all applicable vehicles are de-polluted to the highest standards.

NSG’s positive and proactive approach to environmental protection is widely known and strictly observed as a matter of company philosophy, for NSG issue certificates of destruction on all Cat A and B vehicles direct to the DVLA and we ensure that all Category A and B achieve a minimum 85% recycling, re-use or recovery as per the ELV directive. For more information visit the Environment Agency web site.


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